About the show…

This new musical retells the messy part of Exodus.

A prince has sacrificed everything to free his people from dictatorship, only to find his mission descending into chaos. At the beginning of the story, Moses has rescued the slaves from Pharaoh, his ‘mother’, but soon realises that that was the easy bit. A desperate and dramatic desert journey ensues. While the rebellious people demand to return to Egypt, the ghost of Pharaoh stands before the embattled leader, urging him to crack down.

Dictators may fall and statues may tumble – but can you stop the early promise of freedom fading back to autocracy?

With music that integrates contemporary spoken word and poetry with driving melodies and cinematic underscore, the story flips between Moses’s royal past amongst palace scribes and astrologers, and his struggle against bitter disillusionment in the desert.

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