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Come join the start of our on-stage journey in the Camden Fringe 2024 at Upstairs at the Gatehouse, an off West End theatre in North London from Tue 23rd to Sun 28th July. You can buy tickets now.

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Meet the cast and creatives for our production at the Gatehouse Theatre, 23-28 July.

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We’ve recorded and orchestrated some sample songs. Visit the music page for videos and audios.  Or watch the opening track/trailer now:

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What happens when a prince gives up infinite power and privilege for something higher only to find that his mission is descending into chaos? It’s the messy desert bit of Exodus! Freedom may beckon – but can you stop the slide back to autocracy? Discover more about the story including its creation and contemporary relevance.

Some early quotes...

‘I enjoy that the character of the piece changes and that it moves somewhere darker that resonates with the contemporary world. The visitation of Pharaoh is really powerful.’

‘This has the breadth to be a Hamilton.’

‘The characters have tremendous depth. Moses is a tortured hero who doesn’t know how to lead.’

‘The lyrics themselves are so clever and funny – particularly Pharaoh, the Scribes and the Astrologers.’

‘The astrologers are great. They give us a sense of the world that we’re in.’

‘This is a good message for the times. There are lots of strong leaders who get carried away with their power.’

‘The melodies are original and different. I kept singing them at home.’

‘The sound is unique.’


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