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We’ve used music, humour, rhythm and rhyme to create an offbeat and political reworking of the Exodus story. Moses, the elitist outsider, has rescued the slaves from Egypt’s tyranny but, on the other side of the Red Sea, a long desert trek to the promised land awaits them. What now? Seen from the perspective of his irreverent, opinionated and “rappy” wife Zipporah, Moses struggles to free the rebellious refugees from their slave-mentality, while being taunted by the ghost of Pharaoh, his “mother”. Finally, Moses stands on the threshold of the promised land, but will he ever cross? Discover more about the story, including its background and contemporary relevance.

Discover our songs...

We’ve recorded and orchestrated some sample songs. Visit the demo songs page to listen to the audios or view studio video versions including the lyrics. We’ve explained how the songs fit into the story.

Discover our characters...

Catch glimpses of some the characters through brief song snippets.


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