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What is your 'elevator pitch'?

It’s the messy desert bit of Exodus! A prince sacrifices everything to free his people from dictatorship only to find that his mission is descending into chaos.


When and where is the story set?

In and around ancient Egypt. The story flips between Moses’s royal past amongst palace scribes and astrologers, and his battle against bitter disillusionment in the desert.


So what happens?

Moses has given up his succession to the Egyptian throne in order to rescue the slaves from Pharaoh, his ‘mother’, but soon realises that that was the easy bit. While the rebellious people demand to return to Egypt, the ghost of Pharaoh stands before Moses, urging him to crack down.


Why did you write the piece?

The writers, Adam Taylor, former BBC performance poet, and Mikhal Taylor, have long been intrigued by the personality of Moses, a passionate but troubled character who – spoiler alert – never makes it to the promised land. In time, the desperate and dramatic journey of this embattled leader came to seem like an obvious subject for a musical.


What makes this different?

We have taken, and re-told, the messy part of the Exodus story – Moses’s struggle to assert his leadership and gain the people’s trust following exit from Egypt.

We have used modern idiom and rhyme, combined with humour.

Pharaoh is a female mother-character, who has a complex relationship with Moses.


Why is the work relevant now?

We see it all the time: Dictators fall and statues tumble, but then chaos kicks in. Can you stop the slide back towards tyranny?


What is the running time?

Around 90 minutes.


Is this a musical?

Yes. The piece is entirely “musicalized” (i.e., sung or spoken with music underscored).


What is the musical style?

Epic musical theatre meets 21st century spoken word in a score combining classical and contemporary elements. In the spectrum of musicals, this is more Les Mis/Hamilton than Joseph/Prince of Egypt.


What else have people told you that the work is about?

  • Politics and the messy reality of political change.
  • Whether people can ever accept elitist outsiders.
  • Different leadership styles.
  • Brexit and new beginnings.
  • How does a generation of unrest sort itself out?
  • Belief. People’s reluctance to believe in the evidence before them. And in themselves.
  • Words. Why do some versions of history travel down the generations but others don’t?

Whoa, isn't this all way to earnest?

No. And you wouldn’t ask if you’d met Zipporah.


Any biblical cliches?

Sorry, no.


Is it fun?

So fun.


How can I get tickets?

We are staging the show for the first time in the Camden Fringe 2024 at Upstairs at the Gatehouse, an Off West End theatre in North London, from 23 to 28 July 2024. Come and join us! Click here to buy a ticket now.


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