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In a sentence, how would you describe the work?

We’ve used music, humour, rhythm and rhyme to create a modern, political reworking of the Exodus story.


When and where is the story set?

In ancient Egypt but in a modern setting with modern dress.  The story takes place in a study – and other locations where Zipporah, Moses’s wife, takes us, including Pharaoh’s palace, the seashore and the desert.


How long does it last?

Around an hour.


How small is the cast?

We envisage 4-5 multitasking actors.


Is this a musical?

Kind of. The piece is entirely “musicalized” (i.e. sung or spoken with music under) but it’s not a traditional musical.


What question does the work ask?

What happens when you realise that life will not deliver on your big plan? Or as Pharaoh (Moses’s ‘mother’) sees it: ‘No mega brand. No promised land.’


What else have people told you that the work is about?

  • Politics and the messy reality of political change.
  • Whether people can ever accept elitist outsiders.
  • How power can easily evolve into corruption.
  • Can liberators avoid becoming dictators?
  • Different leadership styles.
  • Brexit and new beginnings.
  • How does a generation of unrest sort itself out?
  • Belief. People’s reluctance to believe in the evidence before them. And in themselves.
  • Words. Why do some versions of history travel down the generations but others don’t?

Why are you offering this work to an audience now?

Because, now, we are all on the ‘go’ in some way. Pandemics. Populism. Refugees. Brexit. But where are we going and what if we never get there?


Whoa, isn't this all way to earnest?

No. And you wouldn’t ask if you’d met Zipporah.


Is it about religion?

No. God features, but in the distance.


Any biblical cliches?

Sorry, no.


Is it fun?

So fun.


Where have you got to?

Thought you’d never ask! We have a full script and score, which has been refined following dramaturgical input as well as initial workshops with musical theatre actors and our musical director. We’ve made some demo recordings with sample orchestrations.


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